SEO Certification for Agencies

Search Quality Evaluation Applied to SEO

Google and its Army of Raters

If you own a website, it is possible that it has been evaluated by a search quality rater at some point in time

Did you know that Google contracts with 10,000+ human evaluators to rate the quality of web pages and the relevance of search results? 

To perform the job, raters must adhere to Google's Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, which is considered by many to be a goldmine of SEO information.

What is Search Evaluator Partners? 

The purpose of our SEO certification program is to support agencies and professionals in improving the overall quality and relevance of their clients’ websites. We accomplish this by bringing the search quality evaluator perspective to their optimization strategies.

To achieve this purpose, we go through the following stages:


Bring awareness to SEO agencies and professionals about: 
  • Google's search quality evaluation project
  • Google's search quality evaluator guidelines
  • The Search Evaluator Partners program


Provide consultancy to SEO agencies and professionals by:
  • Evaluating their clients' websites for quality and relevance
  • Determining their current and maximum potential ratings 
  • Offering recommendation on how to achieve the websites' maximum potential ratings
  • (And a lot more!)


Award certification to SEO agencies and professionals for being:
  • Supported by a professional search quality evaluator
  • Knowledgeable about Google's search quality evaluator guidelines
  • Up-to-date on what defines website quality and result relevance from the perspective of a professional search quality evaluator

How We Work

SEO consulting that is not just more of the same

Our Partners Program is based on two pillars:


We bring the search quality evaluator perspective on search and relevance
  • Our clients learn a new approach to support their traditional SEO strategy 


We make recommendations based on the search quality evaluator perspective
  • Our clients can improve the performance of their clients' websites through the use of key search evaluation principles

Danilo Godoy


Hi there! 

My name is Danilo and I did search quality evaluation for Google for over three years. For most of this time, I was ranked in the top 10% among all raters.

During my time as a Google rater, I set myself the challenge to develop a complementary methodology for search evaluation -- something more entertaining, systematic and precise than Google's Rater Guidelines. 

This is how the SEA Model came about, which is the reason why I founded the Search Evaluator Academy in May 2018.

In 2019, I launched Search Evaluator Partners to meet a new demand of SEOs and marketers who were interested in my consulting services.

Lately, I've been working to transform my perspective on Search into actionable pieces of advice for the SEO and content strategy community.  

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